What we do

Grand-Place Europe is a free telematique forum for all the citizens
who are interested in having a part in building the European Union.
Do not leave our Governments to project our future!!

While the Intergovernmental Conference is working for the reform of the Maastricht Treaty, which means for the XXI century Europe, the European citizens too virtually meet together in Grand-Place Europe and debate the most important items for the the future European Union identity.

Which is the Europe you are looking for? Which are and should be the European citizens’ rights and duties? Could Europe, starting from a critic awareness of its past, culture values and institutions, propose a new development model? Can the EU citizens elaborate and propose a project for a society more equal and democratic? Can Europe become a model and an instrument for Peace in the world? Which is the place the Union is giving to the financial order? Which are the relationships between North and South of the world that the European Union citizens desire, propose or accept?

In this forum you can find debates and news about this subjects; in Grand-Place Europe you can find an increasing group of European organizations: who they are, where they act, what they want.
The Grand-Place Europe project also includes the publishing of some booklets about the main issues that will be discussed in the forum. You will find an informative note in these pages as soon as they get ready.

Have a glance to the other pages to understand better
what kind of information you can find & give in this place.

If you are a member of an organization: you could ask for a space for a self-introduction of your org., for a presentations of your activities, publications, positions;
If you are a European citizen: you can take a part in the debates, pose your EU focused questions, offer information or interesting documents to other surfing European citizen;
If you are a non-EU citizen: you can take a part in the debates, you can inform European citizens about EU activities in your country and offer your (and/or your organization’s) comments about them.
So, take a walk in this Grand-Place, send your precious feedback, ask for a space, put here the newest informations you have!