Study Program-Studimed

Based on the experience of the Studimed organization, the Mediterranean Student Union (1993), the Open University (1994) and the second Studimed, the Mediterranean Education and Training Exhibition (1996), decided to give the third edition of Studimed life. The objectives of the event are: Encourage training by inspiring encounters among young people, universities, local authorities, SMEs and education and training schools; Position graduates based on university choices; Provide information, conduct seminars by experts, draft resumes, prepare job interviews and build business methods; Encourage the training of young European citizens by raising awareness of the new generation of European Union programmes.

Exhibitors will belong to three categories: 1) university orientation: Italian universities will be invited and visitors will be given the 1997 University Guide, created by the Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research in collaboration with the Rui Foundation, which deals with university guidance with unanimously recognized skills; 2) orientation to the labor market: the Society for Youth Entrepreneurship, EURES (European network of information on the labor market) and the European Commission will be invited to respond to the needs of those who want information on career opportunities; 3) post-diploma and post-graduate training: schools promoting Masters accredited by As for (the association between the main business schools and corporate management training structures) will be invited.

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