As a result of the Maastricht Treaty and the Monetary Union, the European Union is currently the protagonist of the process of accelerating internal political dynamics

his is a very important phenomenon and certainly destined to improve the status of the alliance, although this experience is not always clear or linear. It is during these days that we are witnessing the growth of democratic institutions like the European Parliament, which, unfortunately, may be a possible attempt to discredit the European Commission, inspired by community performers. The revenge wish of the supranational flag. In general, together with the secretary of MFE, it can be observed that there is now a decisive competition between the supporters of federal construction and the defenders of intergovernmental Europe.

The purpose of this intervention is to contribute to those who line up for the success of supranational democracy like the Federalists, but at the same time feel the need to clarify its characteristics so that the European Union is fully aware of the potential, responsibility Responsibility and limitations themselves must distinguish between them. In fact, European federalists can play an active role in supranationality only when they know how to form the most conscious part, are more motivating in terms of values, and are less constrained by direct interests.

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