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Pauline Green, leader of the Socialist Party of the European Parliament, today condemned the death penalty of the Turkish court against the rebellious Kurdish leader Abdullah Okaran.

She called on parliamentarians across Europe to put pressure on members of the Turkish parliament, and if the appeal to the Supreme Court fails, they will formally confirm the death sentence. P said Mrs. Green: “I find it difficult to accept that a member of the European Commission and the signatories of the European Convention on Human Rights should declare the death penalty because the country’s own Minister of Justice only said the decision two weeks ago. The European Court of Justice has Binding and should abolish the death penalty.

When talking about the need for the Turkish parliament to confirm the death penalty, Mrs. Green added: “I believe that all European parliamentarians have a responsibility to give priority to Turkish colleagues to ensure that they are not approved.” Mrs. Green said that the use of the death penalty would violate Turkey’s international legal commitments and “may have serious political and security implications for the EU-Turkey relationship.” Mrs. Green congratulated the Turkish Parliament for the speedy withdrawal of the military judges of the court. She said: “This is a question raised many times by my group and the entire parliament. I hope this will herald further constitutional reform so that Turkey can further promote its social democratization and achieve its goal of joining the EU. In this regard, The death penalty must also be abolished.

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